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Welcome to The Lawn Marshall

Your reliable neighbourhood landscaper who specialises in lawn treatment and mowing services. Based in Wilmslow, the Lawn Marshall is here to solve your common and not so common garden problems such as bare grass patches, discolouration and weeds with a friendly face and an industrious attitude.

The best lawn treatment services near you!

Our lawn treatment services are available in Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Knutsford and the surrounding areas!

We work all year round making sure our customers have fantastic lawns regardless of the weather.

We’re always happy to supply extra advice to our clients on how to achieve a beautiful lawn all year round.

Please feel free to give me a call on 07816553265.

About The Lawn Marshall

My name is Tristan Marshall, and I have lived with my wife and family in Wilmslow for the past 17 years. We have three children who attend the local primary and high schools. I am a born and bred New Zealander, very hard-working and use Kiwi ingenuity.

I am not part of any franchise group and I source my fertilisers and treatments through a leading UK supplier which are for professional use only commercial grade products. I have all the latest gizmos to deal with any problems and the best gear to make your lawn stand out above the rest. I always have time to give any extra advice and my expert opinion.

I am a firm believer in supporting local businesses in our community, I purchase all my lawn and garden machinery, fertiliser and advertising support / materials within the local area, you could say it stems from my roots as a Kiwi and my local community.

I have a keen interest with the outdoors and believe gardens and lawns are extremely important places for all of us including pets and children to relax and appreciate the outdoors. I also encourage compost bins and irrigation techniques which I can help you with or give good advice.

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